Night Deposit

Our 24-hour boxes are conveniently located at each High Plains Bank branch. Maximum security and well-lighted areas for depositing funds overnight offer that added protection. You can also make loan payments and deposits into your checking or savings accounts.

Safe Deposit Boxes

We have a variety of box sizes available at our Keyes Branch location. Call or stop by to find out more information.

Online Banking/HPB BillPay

Instructions for Online Banking


Check out High Plains Bank’s Online Banking! Providing you with free access to your account information 24/7, it is safe, secure and easy. Our updated Internet Banking allows you to personalize your information, view and print transactions, transfer funds, and much more! As an added feature to Internet Banking, our new HPB BillPay allows you to pay bills from the comfort of your own home! Simplify your life and avoid late payments by setting up automatic payments. Both services are free and easy to use!

Mobile Banking

Consumer Mobile Deposit Capture Terms & Conditions

Quick Instructions for Mobile Banking Deposit
  1. Go to the High Plains Bank Mobile Banking Application
  2. Press: Mobile Deposit
  3. Log In to Mobile Banking
  4. Press: Make a Deposit
  5. Select Account
  6. Insert Deposit Amount
  7. 1. Proper Endorsement: all Payees plus” For Mobile Deposit Only, High Plains Bank #___________”.
  8. Press: Take Photo, check front
  9. Photo will present better if taken standing up looking straight down
  10. Center check in box and take photo
  11. Approve by pressing green check mark
  12. Press: Take Photo, check back
  13. Use same process as previously to approve
  14. Next
  15. Submit